Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trey is 1!!

Really? Is it this hard to get a good shot of a 1 yr old lol

What are you up to Trey?
-you sleep all night!
-you are wearing a size 18 months clothes
-you wear a size 4 diaper
-you have 10 teeth (yikes)
-you can wave bye and say bye but you only do it when you want to
-you laugh just about every time you see Shadow (our cat)
-you love your Bubbas (David and Nick)
-you LOVE to eat and will eat just about ANYTHING
except cooked carrots and onion rings
-you love the computer, cell phones and anything else electronic
including the alarm clock/radio
-you are trying to walk and will take a few steps on your own
but mostly you crawl because you can get there faster that way
-you recently found my "little people" from when I was little and you LOVE them
-you love to sit and look at books (even if they don't have pictures)
-your size 4 shoes are too small

Trey you are growing up too fast!
Love you baby boy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

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