Sunday, January 31, 2010

6 months

What you are up to at 6 months old...
You eat everything in sight!
You love to roll over and over and over.
You are trying to get up on your knees to crawl.
You can pick up cereal and puffs and feed yourself.
You wear a size 3 diaper.
You wear a size 9months clothes and 12 months clothes.
Your big feet will not fit in your size 2 shoes anymore.
In fact your feet completely fill up the foot part of your jammies.
You love stuffed animals, your brothers' sock monkeys are one of your favorites.
You love about every food except carrots.
You have just started noticing the TV.
You love being able to make the walker go where YOU want it to.
You are sleeping pretty good and only getting up once at night most nights.
You love your brothers and they love you!
You wake up so happy in the mornings.
You love to pull your daddy's hair and yell at him in the mornings.
You are still my snuggle baby!
You are still nursing and growing big!
You go to your 6month check up Tuesday.