Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yesterday (Tuesday) a bunch of us girls got together and scrap booked. We have been meeting all summer on Tuesday (except last Tuesday when Becky was at the beach) Nick, David, Andy and Ben have lots of fun playing and making a HUGE mess that they end up cleaning for a while. Yesterday was so fun scrapping and talking with Becky, Kasey and Nancy. We got a lot done also. I know I did 10 whole pages and did layouts for 15 more. Kasey was working on 20something pages of beach pictures and Becky was working on her Disney album. Nancy was working on her son's album. Working with friends around really helps me in creativity and I love that I can ask if stuff goes together and they honestly tell me if it does or not. What colors look good together and if a page needs a little something else. I enjoy our scrap booking days very much and can't wait till next week because we are scrapping 2 days! One day at Becky's and then we are going to Achievers on Friday to do a crop there.