Sunday, February 15, 2009


The clouds from the airplane.

I am facing the hotel.

Man was he sun bright and right in my eyes.

The coast

I am sitting here in the wonderfully air conditioned Internet Caffe at Galena Breeze. The view is AWESOME!! It is about 85 degrees outside right now and very humid. We went to church this morning and worshiped the the Jamaicans. It was a great experience. The children had been taught a song by a group that came last year and is here again this year. They got up and sang the song for everyone! It was so sweet and just awesome. Yesterday was crazy but today is better so far. We have a few free hours for now and then a meeting and supper at 6:30.


Terri said...

The pictures are awesome! The water is so blue!!! We are praying for you during this trip and for those you are with that God will use you in a mighty way!!!!