Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh BOY??

Just a little note about my ultrasound today.

Our little one had it's hands covering itself when we started looking. Everything looks good. The baby is measuring a few days ahead of my due date. The ultrasound lady searched and searched but couldn't see anything because of the way the baby was facing and it kept covering itself. The baby was pressing itself against the placenta and looked like it was trying to fold itself in half. She (the ultrasound tech) thinks it is a boy. After all the moving around and measuring she thinks she saw boy parts. I will try to get my ultrasound pics scanned so I can post them.


Noah's Mommy said...

I guess abby is still on her throne but I will hold out hope until we know for sure. ha ha

andysbethy said...

Hmmmm, "thinks" is still open to question. Doesn't sound too definite to me, but boy parts do tend to "stand out"! Either way, I'm excited!