Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ok so my cousin LeeAnn's husband Daniel came down to my house tonight and FIXED my dryer!!! It is awesome. I received the dryer from my brother David and his wife Danielle when they moved into my parent's house. The washer I have been using the whole time but the dryer was plugged in one time and quit working. On Easter Sunday we were talking about it and Daniel said he could probably fix it. Well he just left a few minutes ago and I have clothes drying in THAT dryer! I am so proud. The dryer I have been using takes FOREVER to dry something. I have to start it then go start it again (taking ohhhh 3 hours or so to dry one load). This newer dryer also holds more clothes! I am so happy that I have a working dryer again.


Noah's Mommy said...

Go Daniel. That is great Kathryn.