Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ultrasound and GTT

Yesterday (Wed) I had an ultrasound to check our little boy because I am measuring 3 weeks ahead of where I should be. While the ultrasound tech was trying to see his head (he is head down WAY DOWN) she got a look at his face and he stuck his little tongue out at us. Then he proceeded to pout. It was really cute and I wish she had printed pictures of that. He is measuring right on target and I have around 14 cm of amniotic fluid. So everything is looking good and when I groaned when she said I had gained 3lbs she said "NO NO NO you are doing good"

This morning I went in for my GTT (glucose tolerance test) After drinking the stuff that kinda tasted like a really flat and ultra sweet sprite I had to wait an hour for them to take blood. The nurse stuck the needle in and ...... Nothing happened.... no blood came out. So she tried the other arm. Got a little blood but not enough. So then they stuck a needle in the back of my hand and FINALLY got enough blood for my test. My poor hand has a lump and is very sore and tender. and my arm hurts where they tried the second time. I should know something in the next few days (Monday or Tuesday I think)

Otherwise we are all doing good and counting down the last days of school. The boys have 5 days left (tomorrow and next week) and I have 4 days left. Our little school's graduation is this Sunday and then I get to go to the beach a week from tomorrow. (With NO kids!!!) My boss is taking my co-workers and myself for a long weekend on St. Simons (sp?) Oh yes and I am now to the 2 weeks between appointments. Wow this pregnancy is going by so fast.


Andy's Bethy said...

I have to agree - it seems like your pregnancy is going by really fast! I guess that is good. You will get to meet your baby before we know it!
Sorry that you wouldn't bleed - I know that is no fun. I have the opposite problem. I bleed way too easy!
Enjoy the beach...

Nana/Ruby said...

kathryn, I love you. I'm glad everything is going okay. I hate needles too. We will be home soon so we can get busy on that baby room. Later sister girl. Mom