Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Today we went to my mom's house and had low country boil and just hung out together. It was great just being with my family. Then we went swimming at Uncle Steve's house. Mom asked me about this shelf she had given me so I thought I would post some pics of what all I have on it!

Then Dad handed me something. It was a piece of Agate that I had found the last time we went rock hunting together. He had cut it and polished it and made a charm for a necklace out of it. It is beatuiful! Thanks Dad!

These pictures don't do it justice. It is sooo pretty.


Noah's Mommy said...

Kathryn, Just a tip. You should have dusted your shelf first. ha ha Just kidding

Kathryn said...

SHHHHH you weren't supposed to notice that lol