Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tamari's Birthday

Saturday was Tamari's First birthday!
She is such a sweetie pie.

Uncle Tracy holding the little princess.

Tamari's own little chair just her size.

Big sister Tayla acting silly.

David, Tayla, Nick and another friend having fun in the pool.

Nick blowing bubbles.

Tamari's cake


The innocent look

"Here Nana I don't think you had enough icing yet."

"But Mommy I don't want to be clean."

Wow I LOVE my cars David picked out for me!!

We had a lot of fun at Tamari's first birthday! Swimming, bubbles, cake and homemade ice cream. It was totally awesome. I think everyone had a blast.


Terri said...

Looked like fun!!! She is so cute.