Monday, August 18, 2008

20th post!

This is my 20th post and I am proud of myself for keeping up (kinda) with the blog. We have finished 9 days of school and the boys are doing good. Nick knows all the sight words for 1st grade already and the teacher is searching for something more difficult for him to work on. He made a 100% on his first spelling test. David gets his spelling words on Fridays so he has the weekend to study and if he makes a 90 or over on his spelling pre-test he gets to not have spelling homework for the week and not have to take the test on Friday. David made a 100% on his first pre-test and a 91% on the one he took today. They are both working hard on Accelerated Reader and I know David has taken some AR tests already. Nick will be tested for gifted in September.

The boys went rock hunting with their Papaw yesterday but I didn't get any pictures. I could post an old one a pretend it was yesterday if you want. Then we went looking for Magic Tree House books but alas Wal-mart was all out of ones we did not already own.

Our church, Perenial Springs Baptist, is going to the Tennessee Aquarium this Saturday so I will have new pics on here soon.

Hugs to all and have a good week.


Terri said...

I'm so glad they are doing well in school and they seem to love it!!! That helps! I guess y'all have found a church? Where is Perenial Springs?
That's great if you have. I'm sure y'all were missing being a part of a church.
Love ya!! Tell Tracy and the boys we all say HEY!!!