Thursday, August 7, 2008

Longest Yard Sale

Today I stopped by the park as part of the longest yard sale is set up there. I had a little money to spend and thought I would see if I could find any jeans for the boys. Well I ended up buying 6 pairs of pants (4 jeans, one camo and one khaki) a pair of Georgia Tech pajamas and a t-shirt. Then I found Merida bread (my favorite) for $1 and powedered donuts too. So I ended up with a loaf of bread and two bags of powdered donuts along with the clothes I found and I only paid $10 for all of it!!!!! I love yard sales! They are awesome. The khaki pants were only a quarter! One of the pairs of jeans were fifty cents but the others were a dollar. Hopefully it will not rain tomorrow and I can get out and find some more good deals!!


Noah's Mommy said...

Cool! My parents also went to the yard sale today. I think they hit the Lookout Mtn area.